Welcome to DataLad Gooey's documentation!

DataLad Gooey is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for using DataLad, a free and open source distributed data management tool. DataLad Gooey is compatible with all major operating systems and allows access to DataLad's operations via both a simplified and complete suite.


While using DataLad Gooey assumes at least some familiarity with DataLad concepts, the simplified command suite makes starting with DataLad easier via tailor-made command selections, condensed parameter specifications, and tool tips. The current core functionality supported via the simplified suite includes:

In addition, DataLad Gooey adds support for querying and setting credentials, git-annex metadata, and general metadata.

What DataLad Gooey is not

DataLad Gooey has a number of cool features, but here are features that you will need to use other tools for:

  • An interface to visualize revision histories of DataLad datasets. Please refer to many of the available visual Git visualization tools

  • An interface for advanced Git operations such as branching, resetting, reverting, or otherwise interacting with commit history. Please refer to your favourite Git client or the command line for these operations. DataLad Gooey will detect such external operations, and will update its view accordingly.


Commands and API