Collection of common utilities

datalad_container.utils.get_container_configuration(ds: Dataset, name: str | None = None) dict[source]

Report all container-related configuration in a dataset

Such configuration is identified by the item name pattern:

  • ds (Dataset) -- Dataset instance to report configuration on.

  • name (str, optional) -- If given, the reported configuration will be limited to the container with this exact name. In this case, only a single dict is returned, not nested dictionaries.


Keys are the names of configured containers and values are dictionaries with their respective configuration items (with the datalad.containers.<container-name>. prefix removed from their keys). If name is given, only a single dict with the configuration items of the matching container is returned (i.e., there will be no outer dict with container names as keys). If not (matching) container configuration exists, and empty dictionary is returned.

Return type: