Metadata extractors

To use any of the contained extractors their names needs to be prefixed with metalad_, such that the runprov extractor is effectively named metalad_runprov.

Next generation extractors

core MetadataRecord extractor for Datalad’s own core storage
annex MetadataRecord extractor for Git-annex metadata
custom MetadataRecord extractor for custom (JSON-LD) metadata contained in a dataset
runprov MetadataRecord extractor for provenance information in DataLad’s run records

Legacy extractors

A number of legacy extractors are kept in the source code of this repository.

annex Metadata extractor for Git-annex metadata
datacite Extractor for datacite xml records, currently for CRCNS datasets
datalad_core Metadata extractor for DataLad’s own core storage
datalad_rfc822 Extractor for RFC822-based metadata specifications
frictionless_datapackage Extractor for friction-less data packages (
image generic image metadata extractor