Revolutionary DataLad extension

The extension equips DataLad with some extra commands that enable alternative workflows.

What is in it for users?

If you are looking for a simple solution to data management that can help you track changes in a project, no matter whether it is about data, source code, or both, this package is for you. With just two simple commands, DataLad does all the work for you. Especially people who are not familiar with Git will find this simplicity appealing.

Here is a quick demo. The first command creates a dataset. A dataset is essentially a directory that is managed by DataLad and where all content can be tracked. Let’s change directories and enter this dataset after it was created.

% datalad rev-create myproject
[INFO   ] Creating a new annex repo at /tmp/myproject
create(ok): /tmp/myproject (dataset)
% cd myproject

From now on, any change to this directory can be recorded. For this demo, we will copy some very important construction plans for a nice garden bench into this directory. However, we could also use some GUI tool or a script to make a change, it would make no difference to DataLad.

% cp /home/me/bench_plan.svg .

Whenever one feels like a noteworthy change has been made, or a milestone was reached, the state of the dataset can be recorded with the second command.

% datalad rev-save
add(ok): bench_plan.svg (file)
save(ok): . (dataset)
action summary:
  add (ok: 1)
  save (ok: 1)

The rev-save command will discover any change and record it in the dataset. Changes can not only be added files, but any modification, or deletion, even of entire sub-directories – a simple datalad rev-save will make a record of it.

These two commands are all that is needed to record changes in a project within DataLad dataset. The resulting dataset is just as capable as any other DataLad dataset. It can be archived, published, used to go back to a particular state of the project and everything else that DataLad supports. Check out the documentation to learn more about its features.

What is in it for developers?

This extension amends the core base classes with functionality that enables command implementation where the state of a dataset is fully inspected first (in a platform-agnostic fashion) and subsequently low-level tools can execute a desired function based on this status report, with no or minimal further queries of the underlying repository. This helps to better isolate developers from the peculiarities of particular platforms and repository modes, and can lead to more compact code and better performance.

Key component is the rev-status command (and its repository-level counterparts) that can report the state of a full dataset hierarchy. It works like a simplified git status, but is git-annex aware.

% datalad rev-status --recursive
    untracked: /tmp/some/directory_untracked (directory)
    untracked: /tmp/some/file_modified (symlink)
    untracked: /tmp/some/link2dir (symlink)
    untracked: /tmp/some/link2subdsroot (symlink)
    untracked: /tmp/some/other (directory)
     modified: /tmp/some/.gitmodules (file)
        added: /tmp/some/link2subdsdir (symlink)
     modified: /tmp/some/subds_modified (dataset)
    untracked: /tmp/some/subds_modified/new_untracked (file)
% datalad -f json_pp rev-status --annex all subdir/annexed_file.txt
  "action": "status",
  "backend": "MD5E",
  "bytesize": "5",
  "gitshasum": "a79f797e1ce00f414131f7e84f47049c4c5c5f1a",
  "has_content": true,
  "humansize": "5 B",
  "key": "MD5E-s5--275876e34cf609db118f3d84b799a790.txt",
  "keyname": "275876e34cf609db118f3d84b799a790.txt",
  "mtime": "unknown",
  "objloc": "/tmp/some/.git/annex/objects/7p/gp/MD5E-s5--275876e34cf609db118f3d84b799a790.txt/MD5E-s5--275876e34cf609db118f3d84b799a790.txt",
  "parentds": "/tmp/some",
  "path": "/tmp/some/subdir/annexed_file.txt",
  "refds": "/tmp/some",
  "state": "clean",
  "status": "ok",
  "type": "file"


High-level API commands

rev_create([path, initopts, force, …]) Create a new dataset from scratch.
rev_save([path, message, dataset, …]) Save the current state of a dataset
rev_status([path, dataset, annex, …]) Report on the state of dataset content.

Low-level API

gitrepo Amendment of the DataLad GitRepo base class
annexrepo Amendment of the DataLad AnnexRepo base class
dataset Amendment of the DataLad Dataset base class


DataLad development is being performed as part of a US-German collaboration in computational neuroscience (CRCNS) project “DataGit: converging catalogues, warehouses, and deployment logistics into a federated ‘data distribution’” (Halchenko/Hanke), co-funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF 1429999) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF 01GQ1411). Additional support is provided by the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Project: Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences, Imaging Platform

DataLad is built atop the git-annex software that is being developed and maintained by Joey Hess.

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