Amendment of the DataLad AnnexRepo base class

class datalad_revolution.annexrepo.RevolutionAnnexRepo(path, url=None, runner=None, direct=None, backend=None, always_commit=True, create=True, init=False, batch_size=None, version=None, description=None, git_opts=None, annex_opts=None, annex_init_opts=None, repo=None, fake_dates=False)

Bases:, datalad_revolution.gitrepo.RevolutionGitRepo

annexstatus(paths=None, untracked='all')
get_content_annexinfo(paths=None, init='git', ref=None, eval_availability=False, key_prefix='', **kwargs)
  • paths (list) – Specific paths to query info for. In none are given, info is reported for all content.
  • init ('git' or dict-like or None) – If set to ‘git’ annex content info will ammend the output of GitRepo.get_content_info(), otherwise the dict-like object supplied will receive this information and the present keys will limit the report of annex properties. Alternatively, if None is given, no initialization is done, and no limit is in effect.
  • ref (gitref or None) – If not None, annex content info for this Git reference will be produced, otherwise for the content of the present worktree.
  • eval_availability (bool) – If this flag is given, evaluate whether the content of any annex’ed file is present in the local annex.
  • **kwargs – Additional arguments for GitRepo.get_content_info(), if init is set to ‘git’.

Each content item has an entry under its relative path within the repository. Each value is a dictionary with properties:


Can be ‘file’, ‘symlink’, ‘dataset’, ‘directory’


SHASUM is last commit affecting the item, or None, if not tracked.


Annex key of a file (if an annex’ed file)


Size of an annexed file in bytes.


Bool whether a content object for this key exists in the local annex (with eval_availability)


pathlib.Path of the content object in the local annex, if one is available (with eval_availability)

Return type: