datalad osf-credentials


datalad osf-credentials [-h] [--method {token|userpassword}] [--reset] [--version]


Gather OSF credentials for subsequent non-interactive use

This command enables (re-)entry of OSF credentials for storage in a credential manager. Once credentials are known, they will be retrieved automatically on demand, and enable non-interactive use for the purpose of data transfer to and from OSF.

Credentials will be verified to enable successful authentication before being stored.


-h, -\-help, -\-help-np

show this help message. –help-np forcefully disables the use of a pager for displaying the help message

-\-method {token|userpassword}

authentication method to use. ‘token’ authentication is strongly recommended. Constraints: value must be one of (‘token’, ‘userpassword’) [Default: ‘token’]


reset existing credentials and force re-entry.


show the module and its version which provides the command


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