DataLad NEXT extension

This DataLad extension can be thought of as a staging area for additional functionality, or for improved performance and user experience. Unlike other topical or more experimental extensions, the focus here is on functionality with broad applicability. This extension is a suitable dependency for other software packages that intend to build on this improved set of functionality.

Installation and usage

Install from PyPi or Github like any other Python package:

# create and enter a new virtual environment (optional)
$ virtualenv --python=python3 ~/env/dl-next
$ . ~/env/dl-next/bin/activate
# install from PyPi
$ python -m pip install datalad-next

Once installed, additional commands provided by this extension are immediately available. However, in order to fully benefit from all improvements, the extension has to be enabled for auto-loading by executing:

git config --global --add datalad.extensions.load next

Doing so will enable the extension to also alter the behavior the core DataLad package and its commands.


High-level API commands

Command line reference

Python utilities

Git remote helpers

Git-annex backends

Git-annex special remotes

DataLad patches

Patches that are automatically applied to DataLad when loading the datalad-next extension package.

Developer Guide

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