datalad-bids2scidata [-h] [--repo-name REPO_NAME] [--repo-accession REPO_ACCESSION] [--repo-url REPO_URL] [--output OUTPUT] [-d DATASET] path


BIDS to ISA-Tab converter



path to a BIDS-compatible dataset to export metadata on.

-h, –help, –help-np

show this help message. –help-np forcefully disables the use of a pager for displaying the help message

–repo-name REPO_NAME

data repository name to be used in assay tables. Example: OpenfMRI.

–repo-accession REPO_ACCESSION

data repository accession number to be used in assay tables. Example: ds000113d.

–repo-url REPO_URL

data repository URL to be used in assay tables. Example:

–output OUTPUT

directory where ISA-TAB files will be stored.

-d DATASET, –dataset DATASET

Dataset to query for metadata of a BIDS-compatible dataset. The queried dataset itself does not have to be a BIDS dataset. If not dataset is given, an attempt is made to identify the dataset based on the current working directory. Constraints: Value must be a Dataset or a valid identifier of a Dataset (e.g. a path)


datalad is developed by The DataLad Team and Contributors <>.