DataLad extension module for neuroimaging



High-level API commands

bids2scidata(repo_name, repo_accession, repo_url)

BIDS to ISA-Tab converter

Command line reference


This extension adds metadata extraction support for a range of standards common to neuroimaging data.

Brain Imaging Data Structure (bids)

This extractor has basic support for the BIDS standard. This includes participant information, as well as acquisition properties for individual files. At present, there is no standardized vocabulary for BIDS, instead field names are based on the conventions in the standard description.

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (dicom)

Metadata can be extracted from any standard DICOM file. The extractor yields file-based metadata, and a dataset-level description that identifies individual image series. For each image series, all metadata are reported that are invariant across individual images in a series. The extractor uses an incomplete DICOM vocabulary from

Neuroimaging data exchange format (nifti1)

NIfTI-1 metadata is extracted from the header of individual files. Virtually all header information is reported, except for header extensions. An adhoc-vocabulary is used, as no standard vocabulary is available.

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