What is datalad-hirni?

Datalad-hirni aims to provide the means to enable automated provenance capturing of a (neuroimaging) study as well as automated, metadata-driven conversion. In a way, datalad-hirni is two things. A conceptional idea on how to bind and structure all (raw) data, metadata, code and computational environments of a study, and a software package to support the consequential workflow to achieve that. On the software side, datalad-hirni is a Python package and an extension to Datalad.


Technically, datalad-hirni (and its approach in general) isn’t limited to neuroimaging. In a different context there’s just less convenience provided by the default routines ATM.

Is it free and open source?

Yes, of course. Feel free to contribute and complain on Github.

Where do I get it?

As a Python package, you can install datalad-hirni via pip:

pip install datalad-hirni

What now?

If you want to get a grasp on how it works, you should start here. For diving right into usage have a look at the examples, especially at the study dataset demo for a start.