Source code for datalad_container.containers_remove

"""Remove a container environment from a dataset"""

__docformat__ = 'restructuredtext'

import logging
import os.path as op

from datalad.interface.base import Interface
from datalad.interface.base import build_doc
from import Parameter
from datalad.distribution.dataset import datasetmethod, EnsureDataset
from datalad.distribution.dataset import require_dataset
from datalad.interface.base import eval_results
from import EnsureNone
from import EnsureStr
from datalad.interface.results import get_status_dict

lgr = logging.getLogger("datalad.containers.containers_remove")

[docs]@build_doc # all commands must be derived from Interface class ContainersRemove(Interface): # first docstring line is used a short description in the cmdline help # the rest is put in the verbose help and manpage """Remove a known container from a dataset """ # parameters of the command, must be exhaustive _params_ = dict( dataset=Parameter( args=("-d", "--dataset"), doc="""specify the dataset to query. If no dataset is given, an attempt is made to identify the dataset based on the current working directory""", constraints=EnsureDataset() | EnsureNone()), name=Parameter( args=("name",), doc="""name of the container to remove""", metavar="NAME", constraints=EnsureStr(), ), remove_image=Parameter( args=("-i", "--remove-image",), doc="""if set, remove container image as well""", action="store_true", ), ) @staticmethod @datasetmethod(name='containers_remove') @eval_results def __call__(name, dataset=None, remove_image=False): ds = require_dataset(dataset, check_installed=True, purpose='remove a container') res = get_status_dict( ds=ds, action='containers_remove', logger=lgr) section = 'datalad.containers.{}'.format(name) imagecfg = '{}.image'.format(section) to_save = [] if remove_image and imagecfg in ds.config: imagepath = ds.config.get(imagecfg) if op.lexists(op.join(ds.path, imagepath)): for r in ds.remove( path=imagepath, # XXX shortcoming: this is the only way to say: # don't drop check=False, # config setting might be outdated and image no longer # there -> no reason to fail, just report on_failure='ignore', save=False): yield r to_save.append(imagepath) if section in ds.config.sections(): ds.config.remove_section( section, where='dataset', reload=True) res['status'] = 'ok' to_save.append(op.join('.datalad', 'config')) else: res['status'] = 'notneeded' if to_save: for r in path=to_save, message='[DATALAD] Remove container {}'.format(name)): yield r yield res