datalad.api.test(module=None, *, verbose=False, nocapture=False, pdb=False, stop=False)

Run internal DataLad (unit)tests.

This can be used to verify correct operation on the system. It is just a thin wrapper around a call to nose, so number of exposed options is minimal

  • module – test name(s), by default all tests of DataLad core and any installed extensions are executed. [Default: None]

  • verbose (bool, optional) – be verbose - list test names. [Default: False]

  • nocapture (bool, optional) – do not capture stdout. [Default: False]

  • pdb (bool, optional) – drop into debugger on failures or errors. [Default: False]

  • stop (bool, optional) – stop running tests after the first error or failure. [Default: False]