Further conceptual and technical information on DataLad, and applications built on DataLad, are available from the publications listed below.

The best of both worlds: Using semantic web with JSOB-LD. An example with NIDM Results & DataLad [poster]
  • Camille Maumet, Satrajit Ghosh, Yaroslav O. Halchenko, Dorota Jarecka, Nolan Nichols, Jean-Baptist POline, Michael Hanke
One thing to bind them all: A complete raw data structure for auto-generation of BIDS datasets [poster]
  • Benjamin Poldrack, Kyle Meyer, Yaroslav O. Halchenko, Michael Hanke
Fantastic containers and how to tame them [poster]
  • Yaroslav O. Halchenko, Kyle Meyer, Matt Travers, Dorota Jarecka, Satrajit Ghosh, Jakub Kaczmarzyk, Michael Hanke
YODA: YODA’s Organigram on Data Analysis [poster]
  • An outline of a simple approach to structuring and conducting data analyses that aims to tightly connect all their essential ingredients: data, code, and computational environments in a transparent, modular, accountable, and practical way.
  • Michael Hanke, Kyle A. Meyer, Matteo Visconti di Oleggio Castello, Benjamin Poldrack, Yaroslav O. Halchenko
  • F1000Research 2018, 7:1965 (
Go FAIR with DataLad [talk]
  • On DataLad’s capabilities to create and maintain Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-Usable (FAIR) resources.
  • Michael Hanke, Yaroslav O. Halchenko
  • Bernstein Conference 2018 workshop: Practical approaches to research data management and reproducibility (slides)
  • OpenNeuro kick-off meeting, 2018, Stanford (slide sources)