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                                           Change Log

This is a high level and scarce summary of the changes between releases. We would recommend to consult log of the DataLad git repository for more details.

0.8.2 (??? ??, 2017) – will be better than ever

bet we will fix some bugs and make a world even a better place.

Major refactoring and deprecations

  • hopefully none



Enhancements and new features


0.8.1 (Aug 13, 2017) – the best birthday gift



  • Do not attempt to update a not installed sub-dataset
  • In case of too many files to be specified for get or [copy_to], we will make multiple invocations of underlying git-annex command to not overfill command line
  • More robust handling of unicode output in terminals which might not support it

Enhancements and new features

  • Ship a copy of numpy.testing to facilitate [test] without requiring numpy as dependency. Also allow to pass to command which test(s) to run
  • In get and [copy_to] provide actual original requested paths, not the ones we deduced need to be transferred, solely for knowing the total

0.8.0 (Jul 31, 2017) – it is better than ever

A variety of fixes and enhancements


  • publish would now push merged git-annex branch even if no other changes were done
  • publish should be able to publish using relative path within SSH URI (git hook would use relative paths)
  • publish should better tollerate publishing to pure git and git-annex special remotes

Enhancements and new features

  • plugin mechanism came to replace export. See export_tarball for the replacement of export. Now it should be easy to extend datalad’s interface with custom functionality to be invoked along with other commands.
  • Minimalistic coloring of the results rendering
  • publish/copy_to got progress bar report now and support of --jobs
  • minor fixes and enhancements to crawler (e.g. support of recursive removes)

0.7.0 (Jun 25, 2017) – when it works - it is quite awesome!

New features, refactorings, and bug fixes.

Major refactoring and deprecations

  • add-sibling has been fully replaced by the siblings command
  • create-sibling, and [unlock] have been re-written to support the same common API as most other commands

Enhancements and new features

  • siblings can now be used to query and configure a local repository by using the sibling name here
  • siblings can now query and set annex preferred content configuration. This includes wanted (as previously supported in other commands), and now also required
  • New metadata command to interface with datasets/files meta-data
  • Documentation for all commands is now built in a uniform fashion
  • Significant parts of the documentation of been updated
  • Instantiate GitPython’s Repo instances lazily


  • API documentation is now rendered properly as HTML, and is easier to browse by having more compact pages
  • Closed files left open on various occasions (Popen PIPEs, etc)
  • Restored basic (consumer mode of operation) compatibility with Windows OS

0.6.0 (Jun 14, 2017) – German perfectionism

This release includes a huge refactoring to make code base and functionality more robust and flexible

  • outputs from API commands could now be highly customized. See --output-format, --report-status, --report-type, and --report-type options for datalad command.
  • effort was made to refactor code base so that underlying functions behave as generators where possible
  • input paths/arguments analysis was redone for majority of the commands to provide unified behavior

Major refactoring and deprecations

  • add-sibling and rewrite-urls were refactored in favor of new siblings command which should be used for siblings manipulations
  • ‘datalad.api.alwaysrender’ config setting/support is removed in favor of new outputs processing


  • Do not flush manually git index in pre-commit to avoid “Death by the Lock” issue
  • Deployed by publish post-update hook script now should be more robust (tolerate directory names with spaces, etc.)
  • A variety of fixes, see list of pull requests and issues closed for more information

Enhancements and new features

  • new annotate-paths plumbing command to inspect and annotate provided paths. Use --modified to summarize changes between different points in the history
  • new clone plumbing command to provide a subset (install a single dataset from a URL) functionality of install
  • new [diff] plumbing command
  • new siblings command to list or manipulate siblings
  • new [subdatasets] command to list subdatasets and their properties
  • drop and remove commands were refactored
  • benchmarks/ collection of Airspeed velocity benchmarks initiated. See reports at
  • crawler would try to download a new url multiple times increasing delay between attempts. Helps to resolve problems with extended crawls of Amazon S3
  • CRCNS crawler pipeline now also fetches and aggregates meta-data for the datasets from datacite
  • overall optimisations to benefit from the aforementioned refactoring and improve user-experience
  • a few stub and not (yet) implemented commands (e.g. move) were removed from the interface
  • Web frontend got proper coloring for the breadcrumbs and some additional caching to speed up interactions. See
  • Small improvements to the online documentation. See e.g. summary of differences between git/git-annex/datalad

0.5.1 (Mar 25, 2017) – cannot stop the progress

A bugfix release


  • add was forcing addition of files to annex regardless of settings in .gitattributes. Now that decision is left to annex by default
  • tools/testing/run_doc_examples used to run doc examples as tests, fixed up to provide status per each example and not fail at once
  • doc/examples
  • was fixed up to reflect changes in the API of 0.5.0.
  • progress bars
  • should no longer crash datalad and report correct sizes and speeds
  • should provide progress reports while using Python 3.x

Enhancements and new features

  • doc/examples
  • new example to demonstrate how new super- and sub- datasets were established as a part of our datasets collection

0.5.0 (Mar 20, 2017) – it’s huge

This release includes an avalanche of bug fixes, enhancements, and additions which at large should stay consistent with previous behavior but provide better functioning. Lots of code was refactored to provide more consistent code-base, and some API breakage has happened. Further work is ongoing to standardize output and results reporting (see PR 1350)

Most notable changes

  • requires git-annex >= 6.20161210 (or better even >= 6.20161210 for improved functionality)
  • commands should now operate on paths specified (if any), without causing side-effects on other dirty/staged files
  • save
    • -a is deprecated in favor of -u or --all-updates so only changes known components get saved, and no new files automagically added
    • -S does no longer store the originating dataset in its commit message
  • add
    • can specify commit/save message with -m
  • add-sibling and create-sibling
    • now take the name of the sibling (remote) as a -s (--name) option, not a positional argument
    • --publish-depends to setup publishing data and code to multiple repositories (e.g. github + webserve) should now be functional see this comment
    • got --publish-by-default to specify what refs should be published by default
    • got --annex-wanted, --annex-groupwanted and --annex-group settings which would be used to instruct annex about preferred content. publish then will publish data using those settings if wanted is set.
    • got --inherit option to automagically figure out url/wanted and other git/annex settings for new remote sub-dataset to be constructed
  • publish
    • got --skip-failing refactored into --missing option which could use new feature of create-sibling --inherit


  • More consistent interaction through ssh - all ssh connections go through sshrun shim for a “single point of authentication”, etc.
  • More robust ls operation outside of the datasets
  • A number of fixes for direct and v6 mode of annex

Enhancements and new features

  • New drop and remove commands
  • clean
    • got --what to specify explicitly what cleaning steps to perform and now could be invoked with -r
  • datalad and git-annex-remote* scripts now do not use setuptools entry points mechanism and rely on simple import to shorten start up time
  • Dataset is also now using Flyweight pattern, so the same instance is reused for the same dataset
  • progressbars should not add more empty lines

Internal refactoring

  • Majority of the commands now go through _prep for arguments validation and pre-processing to avoid recursive invocations

0.4.1 (Nov 10, 2016) – CA release

Requires now GitPython >= 2.1.0


  • save
    • to not save staged files if explicit paths were provided
  • improved (but not yet complete) support for direct mode
  • update to not crash if some sub-datasets are not installed
  • do not log calls to git config to avoid leakage of possibly sensitive settings to the logs

Enhancements and new features

  • New rfc822-compliant metadata format
  • save
    • -S to save the change also within all super-datasets
  • add now has progress-bar reporting
  • create-sibling-github to create a :term:sibling of a dataset on github
  • OpenfMRI crawler and datasets were enriched with URLs to separate files where also available from openfmri s3 bucket (if upgrading your datalad datasets, you might need to run git annex enableremote datalad to make them available)
  • various enhancements to log messages
  • web interface
    • populates “install” box first thus making UX better over slower connections

0.4 (Oct 22, 2016) – Paris is waiting

Primarily it is a bugfix release but because of significant refactoring of the install and get implementation, it gets a new minor release.


  • be able to get or install while providing paths while being outside of a dataset
  • remote annex datasets get properly initialized
  • robust detection of outdated git-annex

Enhancements and new features

  • interface changes
    • get --recursion-limit=existing to not recurse into not-installed subdatasets
    • get -n to possibly install sub-datasets without getting any data
    • install --jobs|-J to specify number of parallel jobs for annex get call could use (ATM would not work when data comes from archives)
  • more (unit-)testing
  • documentation: see for basic principles and useful shortcuts in referring to datasets
  • various webface improvements: breadcrumb paths, instructions how to install dataset, show version from the tags, etc.

0.3.1 (Oct 1, 2016) – what a wonderful week

Primarily bugfixes but also a number of enhancements and core refactorings


  • do not build manpages and examples during installation to avoid problems with possibly previously outdated dependencies
  • install can be called on already installed dataset (with -r or -g)

Enhancements and new features

  • complete overhaul of datalad configuration settings handling (see Configuration documentation), so majority of the environment. Now uses git format and stores persistent configuration settings under .datalad/config and local within .git/config variables we have used were renamed to match configuration names
  • create-sibling does not now by default upload web front-end
  • export command with a plug-in interface and tarball plugin to export datasets
  • in Python, .api functions with rendering of results in command line got a _-suffixed sibling, which would render results as well in Python as well (e.g., using search_ instead of search would also render results, not only output them back as Python objects)
  • get
    • --jobs option (passed to annex get) for parallel downloads
    • total and per-download (with git-annex >= 6.20160923) progress bars (note that if content is to be obtained from an archive, no progress will be reported yet)
  • install --reckless mode option
  • search
    • highlights locations and fieldmaps for better readability
    • supports -d^ or -d/// to point to top-most or centrally installed meta-datasets
    • “complete” paths to the datasets are reported now
    • -s option to specify which fields (only) to search
  • various enhancements and small fixes to meta-data handling, ls, custom remotes, code-base formatting, downloaders, etc
  • completely switched to tqdm library (progressbar is no longer used/supported)

0.3 (Sep 23, 2016) – winter is coming

Lots of everything, including but not limited to

0.2.3 (Jun 28, 2016) – busy OHBM

New features and bugfix release

0.2.2 (Jun 20, 2016) – OHBM we are coming!

New feature and bugfix release

  • greately improved documentation
  • publish command API RFing allows for custom options to annex, and uses –to REMOTE for consistent with annex invocation
  • variety of fixes and enhancements throughout

0.2.1 (Jun 10, 2016)

  • variety of fixes and enhancements throughout

0.2 (May 20, 2016)

Major RFing to switch from relying on rdf to git native submodules etc

0.1 (Oct 14, 2015)

Release primarily focusing on interface functionality including initial publishing